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 Post subject: How to prep your bike for your first track day
 Post Posted: Fri Apr 24, 2009 9:22 am 
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A motorcycle “suited for track riding”


Any sport, sport touring or standard motorcycle – though I’ve seen some pretty unusual stuff out there.

Bike Prep:


Lights & reflectors removed or taped over.
Mirrors removed
Tires must have at least 1/2 of tread remaining in the center
Brakes with reasonable amount of pad left
Numbers at least on the front or on both sides of the tail – or both. Numbers are supposed to be 6” tall at minimum (NESBA).


Remove plate
Remove turn signals
Unplug / pull fuse for all remaining lights
Sliders (frame, fork, swingarm)
Safety wire at least the following: Oil drain plug, oil filter, oil fill plug (and dipstick if you have a Triumph)
Change anti-freeze to water with an approved additive (Water Wetter, etc.)
Put Duct Tape over your weights to keep them from flying off
Fresh oil
Fresh tires, any good sport tire will do (you do not “need” DOT racing rubber for your first track day, trust me)
Stomp grip, Tech Skin, etc.
Case covers

Getting your bike ready:

Relax, don’t panic, this is not rocket science.

Make sure everything is on tight. Use a torque wrench and a service manual to check all the bolts, etc.

Make sure nothing is leaking.

Make sure your bodywork is on correctly and securely.

Make sure your fluids are filled as required.

If you have not changed the oil in a while now would be a good time for an oil/filter change.

Make sure you pull the fuses for any lights you will be taping up. Heat from your lights under the tape can do an exceptional job of melting the tape to your lenses which is both annoying and expensive. Used “painters tape” (the blue stuff they sell at Lowes/HomeDepot) to tape things up.

Remove the license plate, mirrors and turn signals (if you have flush mounts just tape them over). On most bikes you when you take the mirros off you will be left with 2 holes on each side. Just run a wire tie through the holes.

Don’t worry about getting nice numbers, you can make them out of tape, etc. 6” is just a general rule, just make sure they are easy to read. STT does not require numbers at all.

Pump up your tires a bit higher than you normally do. You will set your tire pressures (cold) lower than you would on the street at the track - putting some extra air in before you go lets you just bleed them down to required track pressures quickly in the AM. Specific tire pressures are really tire dependent so do some research on the model and brand of tire you are running.

Make sure to set sag (front and rear) on your bike.

If your brake fluid is more than a year old replace it. Otherwise just bleed your brakes.

If you have a Chatterbox or anything of the sort in your helmet remove it.

Take out everything from under your seat or any other compartment or any tool kits, etc. (put the tool kit in with the tools you bring).

Take off any radar detectors, gps units, mounts, etc.

Make sure your bike has swing arm spools.

Make sure your chain is at the outer limit of its adjustment range. If it’s at the short range of the OE spec you’ll probably fail tech.


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 Post subject: Re: How to prep your bike for your first track day
 Post Posted: Tue Apr 28, 2009 2:47 pm 
Major 'Ho
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Most org's post information on their web-site in what you need to do your first track day.

Concerning your bike

Tape off any lense (head light, tail light, turn signals) use painters or electrical tape
Remove your licens plate
Remove mirrors (zip tie holes if needed)
Tire are in good condition with plenty of tread
Throttle is easy to turn and snaps back to closed
Brakes are in good condition and brake handle is firm
Clutch and lever work properly

Make sure your chain is on the loose side or else you need to adjust it before you pass tech
Make sure nothing is leaking, nothing like being the guy who causes 3 people to wreck
If you are in doubt of anything ask a CR (control Rider)

Set your air pressure properly a good rule of thumb on street tires is 30-32 front 28-30 rear.

Safety wire is a good idea but not required for your first weekend
Remove anti-freeze and run water and water weeter again good idea but not required


 Post subject: Re: How to prep your bike for your first track day
 Post Posted: Mon Nov 21, 2022 2:02 am 

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Start with a clean bike that's had a recent engine oil and filter change, brake fluid refreshing, good brake pads, well-lubricated cables, a thorough fastener ...

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